The recently established Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) is gearing towards building a prosperous and skilled Punjab through providing quality higher education compatible with the imperatives of knowledge economy.

While the higher education system in Punjab has witnessed significant expansion and progress over the past decades, there are some fundamental issues that need to be addressed.

Pakistan stands at a dismal 9%; lack of trained faculty, non-relevance of university research towards socio-economic needs of the province and low priority to college education are some of the other ailments that have seeped into the system. Transformational and innovative interventions across all levels of the higher education sector are the need of the hour.

With the passing of historic 18th amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan and devolution of higher education to the provinces, PHEC is in a strong position to address these crucial matters. It is committed to strengthen existing assets and introduce new initiatives to bring higher education at par with modern needs. Increasing equitable access is a top priority of PHEC along with bringing improvement in academic standards, focusing on research relevant to the socio-economic needs of the province and introducing mandatory faculty development programs to improve teaching standards. PHEC also aims to support the province’s economic agenda by creating a job-ready and employable workforce through increased focus on imparting structural and technical skills.