Funding for Conferences/Seminars

In the 10th Expert Review Committee Meeting, held on November 14 2017, it has been decided to revisit and update program policies and SOPs for conference/seminar funding. In the meantime, PHEC will not be accepting conference/seminar/workshop proposals. The proposal will be accepted on revised application format and as per new policy/SOPs after January 01, 2018.


The Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) wants to facilitate organizing conferences, seminars and symposia in the institutions of higher learning in order to promote a culture of research. These activities will help the concerned faculty to improve their research and teaching skills and will equip them with required knowledge mandatory for degree awarding institutions engaged in research and capacity building of faculty.

The program hosting university/college may organize seminars/conferences on specific topics/areas/issues in any discipline relevant to the needs of the faculty and students. The program planning and execution would be the responsibility of hosting institution. The PHEC provides funding following the appropriate academic and financial monitoring. The seminar could be one day event whereas conference maybe up to four days.

Who can apply?

Public and Private sector Universities and Public Post-Graduate Colleges

How to apply?

Following application form (Click here) complete in all respects should be forwarded by the hosting institution VC/ Director/Principal.

Note: Application must be submitted at least 42 days (6 weeks) in advance of the event. Early submission of the application is highly appreciated.

  • We regret but late submissions will not be entertained.
  • By hand applications will not be received. Please post your applications at the following address.​
Director (Human Resource Development)
Punjab Higher Education Commission
10th Floor, Arfa Software Technology Park, 346-B, Ferozepur Road, Lahore
Ph. No. 042-99262209 Ext-201

Grant Provision

As per allocated budget, funding for conferences & seminars is granted up to the following defined limit:

S.No. Item Estimated Cost per Event Total Events Total Amount
1 Funding for Conferences 1.0 million 20 20 million
2 Funding for Seminars 0.2 million 20 4 million

Award & Grant Release/Reimbursement Procedure:

1.   Submission of university/college proposal, complete in all respects, on prescribed format for organizing the event.

2.     A complete proposal pack includes the following required to be submitted at the time of application submission:

  • Complete Application Form
  • List, CVs and abstracts of presentation of Foreign Invited Speakers
  • List, CVs, and abstract of presentation of National Invited Speakers
  • Brief CV of Focal Person
  • Brochure of the event
  • Conference/Seminar schedule or program detail
  • Item wise details of the publication and stationery items along with quantity and rate


3.    Award of approval from the Punjab Higher Education Commission. The sanction letter bears the approved amount against each component. The HEIs do not have right to claim funding reimbursement unless they have duly approved award letter for the said event.
4.   The proposals are considered on merit and grant is approved on the recommendation of the Committee.
5.    Grant is released in favor of the head of institution (VC, Rector, President or Director). The focal person is responsible for its proper utilization as per approved components.
6.    If need be, the sanctioned amount may be provided to the university/college as an advance to hold the conference/seminar. The HEIs will be required to submit expenditure report verified by the internal auditor along with requisite documents.
7.    The amount is reimbursed or adjusted after the event and upon provisioning of the following documents:
i.     Registration record of participants duly verified by the university internal audit
ii.    Complete report of the program
iii.   News coverage (copy of news clippings)
iv.   Activity Pictures (Opening & Closing ceremony, activity and lecture sessions) in soft form
v.    Invoices/expenditure receipts as per approved budget duly verified by the internal auditor of University/College concerned and endorsed by the principal organizer and head of the institution.
vi.   Passport & visa copy, air tickets and boarding cards in case of foreign presenters
vii.  Resource Person’s profile.
viii.  Attendance of the participants with signature
ix.   Checklist for reimbursement.
(Prescribed formats for the above mentioned documents will be provided to university after the award letter)
8.    The reimbursement claims/adjustment should be filed within 6 weeks after the event, failing which the grant may be withdrawn.

Terms & Conditions:
1.     Program advertising/marketing, program ownership and implementation will be the responsibility of the hosting institution.
2.     The university holding a workshop must invite participants from affiliated/nearby colleges
3.     The PHEC guidelines must be complied with in letter and spirit.
4.     The PHEC monitoring team reserves the right to visit the university/college for monitoring of programs as per the activity schedule. The recommendations of monitoring team should be observed by the hosting institution for the program.
5.     Grants are sanctioned to be utilized for the specific event.
6.     Financial assistance of Punjab Higher Education Commission should be duly acknowledged in seminar/conference proceedings and on all the printed material.
7.     In case of postponement or cancellation of the proposed event, the PHEC must be intimated immediately.
8.     The program focal person may obtain all the required documents formats from the PHEC website or contact PHEC concerned officer for the document formats. Please note that the reimbursement claims will only be adjusted after provisioning of invoices/documents on PHEC format

Criteria for Award:

The PHEC funding for Seminar/Conference is highly competitive. The grant is awarded based on the following:

i.    Strength of the seminar/conference program proposal.
ii.    Relevance of seminar/conference program with the needs of the faculty members, research paradigm of the department/ institution
iii.    Professional competence of invited speakers/presenters
iv.    Cost effectiveness for the said activity