PHEC International Travel Grants


International Travel Grants for presenting research paper in conference/seminar/symposium/workshop are available at Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) for the faculty and non-teaching staff of provincially chartered public/private sector universities and public colleges of the Punjab. Researchers can apply for this grant for oral presentation of their peer-reviewed full length paper/abstract, published in the conference proceedings or in special edition of the journal for that conference.

Financial Provision

PHEC International Travel Grant includes airfare, registration fee, accommodation charges and daily allowance as per PHEC rules and policies.

Who can apply?

1. Faculty Members: Faculty members from provincially chartered public/private sector universities and public colleges of the Punjab. The faculty member includes:

                 a) Regular teaching faculty

                 b) Distinguished and Meritorious Professors

                 c) Hired on contract for at least one year. 

2. Non-teaching Staff: The non-teaching staff of provincially chartered public/private sector universities and public colleges of Punjab. The non-teaching staff should

         a) Be a permanent employee of the university/college or hired on contract who has served at least two years in the same institution and his/her contract is being extendable on atleast 06 months basis

         b) Hold at least M.Phil./MS equivalent degree (18 years of education)

3. Ph.D. Scholars: MS/M.Phil. Leading to Ph.D. or Ph.D. scholars registered with accredited local universities of Punjab (i.e. provincially chartered universities)

Terms and Conditions

1. The application for the international travel grant must be received at PHEC at least 7 weeks (49 days) before the conference/seminar/workshop/symposium. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to ensure timely delivery of application at PHEC.

2. The eligible candidates can avail a maximum of one (01) travel grant within a Fiscal year. The candidate who has already availed PHEC ITG must attach a proof that the previous paper (for which he/she was awarded) has been published or in the process of getting published in a journal to be eligible for next PHEC ITG.

3. A maximum of two (02) travel grants will be awarded per university/college for the same conference. However, one travel grant is permissible per department for the same conference.

4. In case there is more than one applicant from same department, preference will be given to faculty member/scholar who hasn’t availed travel grant during the last two years. In case of tie, the decision will be made by the head of institution.

5. PHEC has the right to verify the Similarity Index (TURNITIN) of the publication at random.

6. In case the Similarity Index is higher than permissible limit, a clarification from the author will be sought before deciding the travel grant.

7. For approved cases, the sanctioned amount will be reimbursed to the university/college upon return/attending the event and upon filing the audited expenditure statement duly signed by the applicant, university/college auditor and head of institution (Vice- Chancellor, Rector, Principal etc.).

8. Most of the universities/colleges facilitate their faculty/staff/scholars by providing the amount in advance against the award letter to meet the requirements.

9. The reimbursement claims should be filed within two months after the visit. No claim will be entertained after 6 months from the award of travel grant.

10. No re-appropriation in the approved budget heads is allowed.

11. If the visit is not undertaken for any reason(s), the same should be notified to PHEC positively within 15 days after the conference dates, failing which the grant is considered as availed.

12. PHEC will reimburse the registration fee to the applicant in case the applicant could not travel due to circumstances which were beyond control and subject to the condition that registration fee is paid after the issuance of award letter. The circumstances may include;

                 (i) Refusal of visa by the concerned embassy

                (ii) Issuance of visa after the event dates

               (iii) Indefinite delay in issuance of visa and

               (iv) Sickness or accident etc.

13. The applicant will have to submit justification if there is any change in title or contents of the paper submitted with application and published in the conference.

14. The research paper of the International Travel Grant awardee will be published on the PHEC Research Repository (after the event)

Criteria for Award of Travel Grant

1. All applications received in PHEC will be evaluated and approved by a committee comprising of experts in different disciplines.

2. The Chairperson PHEC will appoint the members of the committee for a period of two years.

3. Director (A&R) will serve as the member secretary of the committee.

4. The committee will hold its meeting in PHEC once in a month to approve the travel grant cases.

5. The Terms of Reference (TOR) of the committee will include;

                 a) Approve/disapprove the travel grants based on the following criteria:

i.    Scope of the conference

ii.   Repute of the organizers

iii.  Professional standing of invited resource persons and keynote speakers

iv.  Relevance of the conference with the applicant’s professional career

v.   Relevance of the paper with current job description of the applicant

vi.  Previous presentations in foreign conferences/seminars

vii. Research/publication track of the applicant in peer reviewed journals

                    b) Recommend the budget of the approved grants for the sanction of the Chairperson, PHEC.


c) Recommend the maximum budgetary limits of various heads such as registration fee,  accommodation and travel cost etc.


                    d) Reassess the review petitions submitted by the applicants on any matter.


                     e) Seek further clarification/information from the applicant (if required).


6. The minutes of the committee will be signed by the Chairperson, the Secretary and the members of the committee.

7. The Chairperson PHEC will sanction the amount of approved travel grants.

8. The award letter will be issued along with the sanctioned amount in each head to the successful applicants.

9. No approval/sanction by the Chairperson PHEC will be required at the time of reimbursement as long as the amount is within the approved/already sanctioned budget.

Reimbursement claim:

1. After the approval of the international travel grant, PHEC will issue sanction letter indicating the approved amount against each components. The amount must be spent on specified heads.

2. For approved cases, the sanctioned amount is reimbursed after attending the event and upon filing the reimbursement claim consisting of original receipts of payments.

3. The reimbursement claim must accompany the:

i.   Used air  ticket/e-ticket bearing cost of the ticket (it is mandatory that e-ticket must indicate the airfare amount)

ii.  Original boarding pass counterfoil

iii. Original receipt for payment of registration fee of the event bearing the grantee’s name and the actual amount

iv. Original receipt of payment for accommodation bearing the grantee’s name, duration of stay and the actual amount

v.  Copy of conference program indicating time slot for your presentation

vi. Copy of the relevant abstract/paper published in the book of abstract/proceeding/journal

vii. Justification for not flying with PIA (in case the applicant used other airline)

viii. A copy of passport

ix. Visa stamped page of passport

x. Exit and entry stamped pages of passport

4. The reimbursement claims must be filed within two months after the event.

5. Grant will be released in favor of the head of institution (Vice Chancellor, Rector, President, and College Principal)

Note : PHEC International Travel Grants will be awarded for the conferences that are going to be organized by:

  1. Universities
  2. Professional bodies/Academic Institutions  

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